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Wow...where did I go?

I just realized I haven't posted in what feels like forever. Or longer. But honestly, I don't know what happened. I was here and then I found this website called Tumblr. I started looking around and, suddenly, I was gone. I have no idea where I went! There were all these gifs and pictures and movies and...I don't know how but they sent me to the future! I looked up and suddenly months had passed! How weird is that? Oh well, back to my writing blog posts on here as best I can. If you have a tumblr, look me up (calculatedmadness) also Nick's Bookshelf on tumblr. Follow me, but be careful. These future people have somehow mastered a way to launch you months into the future and make you forget about your other blogs that you 'maintain'.
Finally reached the end! That's 31 daily entries for the entire month of August! Blogust!

So what have I learned from this? I feel like after everything I've done, I should take away something more than slightly stronger fingers and additional dexterity in both hands. More or less, four things stick out in my mind from this experience.

-There's a lot to talk about, even when you're sure that you're out of ideas. I wrote a blog post about fortune cookies for crying out loud! It seems like it's crazy, but when I get inspired about the weirdest little things, it's amazing what comes out.

-I only prefer to review books if I'm really ecstatic about the book I'm talking about. The same applies to movies and TV shows. I tried starting a couple of reviews, but I found that it was really difficult to write them. Maybe I'm too nice a person to be a reviewer? Is that a bad thing?

-After doing a daily thing, a weekly thing shouldn't be that difficult. I shouldn't use lack of ideas as an excuse anymore (nor do I plan to). Obviously, I can only blog when time allows for it. Or maybe I should make more time for it? I don't have any classes on Friday, currently so maybe I'll get a regular thing up and running.

-People do actually read my posts and comment! It's a really great feeling to know I'm not just blowing smoke here and talking to myself. I know I shouldn't be blogging for the views, but it's nice to get some recognition for it once in a while!

BEDA: Day 30- All moved in!

Hey Livejournal!

So guess who finally got to move back into college? That's right, everything is right in the world. After the chaos of Irene, power outages and blocked off roads, I'm finally back where things "make sense". It was touch and go for a little while, so this is a big deal for us. I moved in today and after a relatively smooth move in, I unpacked and managed to get everything in order pretty quickly. It's a little weird being back on campus, I feel like that's partly the room and classes and stuff starting. I'm sure I'll get in the swing once everyone is on campus again and stuff. It's weird being a senior. I feel all old and stuff when I'm in commons...I need other old people.

The thing I'm least happy about is that tonight would have been my first thesis class, if we didn't have move in today! Now I have to wait a whole week to see what my thesis class is like. Oh well. Tomorrow I have classes starting, so that's going to be an interesting experience.

I'm currently living in my single with a halfway decent view of the water. You have to look beyond the parking lot, tennis courts, additional parking and soccer(?) field, you can see the bay. It's small, but it's not bad, all of the stuff fits pretty well.

I'm trying to think of other things to mention. With the way the move-ins were messed up, not a lot of people from far away are back yet and given the nature of my organizational solitude I haven't seen that many people. I'm hoping with classes starting I'll see some people I'll recognize and catch up with some old friends. That's really all I can think of right now, but I only have one of these left to attack tomorrow.

BEDA: Day 29- What really made my day...

So a friend and I went for a drive today in what we called "A Post-Apocolyptic Adventure". It was partly to see how nasty things after the hurricane were and partly to find some food that didn't come from a can.

We began our search by going down to the water, finding many of roads flooded or blocked by trees/downed power lines. We found a clear route that had been cut through the debris and made our way to where my friend worked. She was almost surprised to find that her place of employment hadn't sunk below the water's depths (did I mention she works on a boat? Cause that's kind of important). So with that little detail discovered, we decided to hunt for food.

Now, we weren't expecting to find much, maybe a diner or something that had miraculously gotten power like some places of Connecticut. The few restaurants we passed looked very closed and overall depressing. We were driving down to a Diner when we passed this popular deli that everyone in a ten mile radius loves (Mindy K's, though I don't know). Jokingly, I looked out the window of the car and saw four, hastily drawn letters pasted in the window: O, P, E, and N.

It was almost a miracle. We turned in the next available parking lot and turned back to the deli. Inside, candles lit the kitchen while the sun provided most of the light for the dining area. They were on an abbreviated menu as opposed to their usual fare and we had a decent lunch. It was the best way to end a hurricane in my opinion. It just goes to show that if you want something bad enough, it'll come to you when you need it most!

BEDA: Day 28- Dr. Who is back! (Spoilers!)

Yes! It's been a long summer and a longer weekend, but the first thing I do after that last entry? Watch the new episode of Dr. Who! After this point is more or less a never ending spoiler, so sorry for those who haven't already watched.

So it's been a while since we've had a new adventure from the Doctor and I was excited as soon as I had access to the internet (Really inconvenient timing Irene). Last we left, we discovered the true identity of River Song at Devil's Run whens he admitted that she was Melody Pond, daughter of Amy. We leave the Doctor searching for the young Melody.

In the latest episode, we open with Rory and Amy contacting the Doctor in the best way we've seen yet: Crop-circling his name! It does the trick, but suddenly, Rory and Amy's friend Mel comes careening through the field in a very nice car and forces the Doctor to take her into the TARDIS. The group winds up in Berlin, during Hitler's reign. They save Hitler from being killed by a futuristic group known as Justice. In an unfortunate accident gets Mel shot. Strangely, she regenerates into...River Song!

In true River Song form, she goes on a rampage trying to kill the Doctor multiple times before finally poisoning him with a kiss. The Doctor sends Amy and Rory after River while he tries to find a way to cure himself. That's the general gist of the episode, I won't give away anything else because the episode as usual is just that good.

I absolutely love this show, so it goes without saying that this is a great episode. The writers are still fantastic and know exactly how to keep the show interesting even if you think you know what's gonna happen in the end. Half the fun is figuring out how we get to the end, even when the outlook appears bleak. The chemistry we've come to know between River and the Doctor emerges immediately from her regeneration. Definitely watch this episode, but I wouldn't start with this one. Obviously, I recommend the whole series, but that goes without saying.

BEDA: Day 27- Make up from yesterday!

Wow...that was something. I've never really experienced a hurricane, but it's an experience I'd rather not experience a second time.

So the hurricane hit my town around 2 in the morning. At around 5 we lost power (I know because my iPod sparked on when the base was deactivated and blinded me with light). So when I finally decided to wake up, I spent the day holed up indoors reading books with what little light I could muster. Eventually the storm ended, but power remained an issue. After sitting in the dark watching movies on my laptop, I finally went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up to know power and started working on clearing up the yard, picking up the big sticks and slicing through the leaves and smaller branches (with a certain level of satisfaction, I might add). I sat down to dinner, wondering what I should do once the sun set and any available light was gone, when something amazing happened. The power suddenly came back on. Finally, some sense of normality after the hurricane. Cable, wireless internet, everything was back on and running!

I still can't go back to school because the campus is still without power. If we don't have power by tomorrow evening, classes and everything will postponed a week. If power does resume, we're all supposed to go back on Wednesday and get to classes as soon as possible. I'm hoping for the later, since I don't have class until later at night, but the other option isn't too bad. I can only hope that everything comes together.

I was going to write a couple of blog entries, but I figure I'm going to watch the new episode of Dr. Who online. I'll either review that or talk about the books I read by flashlight. Who knows? Talk to you soon Livejournal!
So I decided to try and beat the storm by posting a little earlier. I hope the five or six of you who read this frequently don't find this to be an inconvenience.

So with the impending hurricane, I've been dodging bad weather all afternoon by waiting out the storm inside. My town still has power, so I've been spending a lot of the day with Sy-Fy on in the background and they play their usual fare of movies on weekends. So I decided to try and crack the code for a Sy-Fy original, since that's probably where my first script is going to be purchased.

The first part of any movie begins with the plot. The usual plots includes various species of giant animals, mutants, mythological beasts and reawakened prehistoric monsters. The reason for what woke them up, mutated them or whatever, is often a man-made problem from oil drilling or some type of factory work. The antagonist is sometimes aware of this, but rarely cares about the consequences. Depending on when it is set, the explanations range.

Then there was the protagonist. In Sy-Fy, there are a couple of run of the mill options for modern day settings. The first is a cop: a basic authority figure who can be contacted at the first sign of trouble and easy enough to work into the story. Another possibility is a treasure hunter easy to get into trouble and get in over their heads. The common fact of both of these types? They both know how to use weapons with enough proficiency to fight off the creature in question. If it's in prehistory, they have enough combat knowledge to do some damage, whether their origins are royal or otherwise.

I also noticed a growing love interest in each movie I saw. I noticed that the love interest is usually the scientific one and knows everything that's going on enough to explain it to the others. She's unusually attractive and skilled with weapons considering her position. I'm not saying smart girls can't be hot, but these girls are way too hot to be single.

There are always unnecessary explosions. Sometimes they make sense, like an actual bomb going off or they don't even belong like truck falling off a cliff and blowing up randomly. I'm not saying I don't like a good explosion, but I like when they make sense. And these things always kill the creature in the end, no matter what we've done to it previously. When in doubt, blow it up!

So after almost everyone dies and the creatures is put to bed, we're left with two people, usually the protagonist and his love interest. Usually they'll stay together and walk off into the sunset. Other times, he drives off to let her continue to help people.

So that's the basic formula, now we just need to find a monster to kill. Pick a monster and write your SyFy masterpiece!
So we're all very concerned here on the easy coast. As if we weren't terrified enough by the concept of one natural in the form of an earthquake. But now, looming just over the horizon is the terror known as Irene (hint: she's not an ex-girlfriend).

Irene was seen coming for a while and we've been constantly observing her fluctuations in strength. Cities are being evacuated where the hurricane is rumored to hit the hardest. These are all logical precautions...what I find interesting is the reaction of the general public, especially where the hurricane isn't supposed to be the worst.

So, naturally, my family and I have been preparing for the storm. As a result I've been watching what's been missing from the shelves and I have to say, it's interesting. Obviously, there's things like batteries and bottled water. These are just good things to have in the event that power is lost for days at a time. But one thing that I found interesting was that an entire aisle was cleared. What was the item in stock? Twinkies. I know that twinkies can last forever, but are we really going to have to worry about that? It's a storm people, not the apocalypse.

I just hope that everyone stays safe during the storm, but that's not a reason to spend the entire weekend in your basement (unless you have an awesome entertainment system, that might be one of the better places to spend a weekend). Personally, I'm not going to hide from the storm until it really starts to pick up and do some damage.

That being said, I hope to be able to continue to blog through the hurricane, but want you guys to know that if my power goes down I will not (obviously) be able to blog. So, if I don't make an posts this weekend, I'll post a few 'pre-written' blogs that I'll post on Monday when I'm back at school (Whoo!). Stay safe east coasters!
So you know I think? We haven't had a good werewolf movie in a while. I'm sure there are plenty of movies with people who turn into wolves out there and a couple of bad werewolf movies, but nothing spectacular has come up in a while in the realm of the traditional werewolf.

I mean, you can argue that as long as they're shape shifters it doesn't matter if they turn into full fledged wolves or half-beast creatures. In the recent movie 'Red Riding Hood', the werewolf was a man who just turned into a giant wolf that would mercilessly slaughter the town's folk. From what I understand, Twilight isn't any better.

I just want a movie about the hybrid creatures. I know "The Wolfman" was one such movie, but I just didn't feel like seeing it. It wasn't a movie I was excited about and that's just as important as the quality of the werewolf.

Honestly, werewolves these days are nothing but hairy, muscular men with slightly canine features (barely). The good werewolves (in my opinion) are the ones that are about as canine as they are human. 'Van Helsing', while desperately under budget, had extremely good werewolves. In the Underworld Series, the werewolf (not the lycans that dominate most of the series) is another good example of the beast.

I feel like we need another good werewolf movie. I don't care if they are computer generated, but I want to know that I'm dealing with werewolves, not giant dogs. Have you seen any werewolves that left you scared? What movie was it? Prove me wrong!

BEDA: Day 23- What's next for music?

So I realized, I don't buy CDs anymore. It's weird because I remember when I used to carry around a small binder full of CDs that I would bring with me. Now, we have iPods. All I want to know is what's left to change?

We all know how the history goes. First there was live music, then records. Then came 8 tracks the music device of the future. It wasn't long after that the cassette tape came out. Then, there were CDs, completely replacing those. Now, we have the digital versions of songs on small devices, allowing us to carry all of our music everywhere. The only thing I wonder is: where does music go from here?

There's definitely a change on the horizon, but I wonder what it is. I don't think we're going to have the player shrink again. While technology is constantly getting smaller, but I feel like the players are small enough.

Maybe we're finally reaching an age where music is just going to be transmitted directly to our ears. I feel like some new format is going to come up and change it again. Maybe not a new player, but maybe something kind of like BlueRay where it's clearer and all that stuff. I don't know. What do you think?