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So you know I think? We haven't had a good werewolf movie in a while. I'm sure there are plenty of movies with people who turn into wolves out there and a couple of bad werewolf movies, but nothing spectacular has come up in a while in the realm of the traditional werewolf.

I mean, you can argue that as long as they're shape shifters it doesn't matter if they turn into full fledged wolves or half-beast creatures. In the recent movie 'Red Riding Hood', the werewolf was a man who just turned into a giant wolf that would mercilessly slaughter the town's folk. From what I understand, Twilight isn't any better.

I just want a movie about the hybrid creatures. I know "The Wolfman" was one such movie, but I just didn't feel like seeing it. It wasn't a movie I was excited about and that's just as important as the quality of the werewolf.

Honestly, werewolves these days are nothing but hairy, muscular men with slightly canine features (barely). The good werewolves (in my opinion) are the ones that are about as canine as they are human. 'Van Helsing', while desperately under budget, had extremely good werewolves. In the Underworld Series, the werewolf (not the lycans that dominate most of the series) is another good example of the beast.

I feel like we need another good werewolf movie. I don't care if they are computer generated, but I want to know that I'm dealing with werewolves, not giant dogs. Have you seen any werewolves that left you scared? What movie was it? Prove me wrong!