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BEDA: Day 28- Dr. Who is back! (Spoilers!)

Yes! It's been a long summer and a longer weekend, but the first thing I do after that last entry? Watch the new episode of Dr. Who! After this point is more or less a never ending spoiler, so sorry for those who haven't already watched.

So it's been a while since we've had a new adventure from the Doctor and I was excited as soon as I had access to the internet (Really inconvenient timing Irene). Last we left, we discovered the true identity of River Song at Devil's Run whens he admitted that she was Melody Pond, daughter of Amy. We leave the Doctor searching for the young Melody.

In the latest episode, we open with Rory and Amy contacting the Doctor in the best way we've seen yet: Crop-circling his name! It does the trick, but suddenly, Rory and Amy's friend Mel comes careening through the field in a very nice car and forces the Doctor to take her into the TARDIS. The group winds up in Berlin, during Hitler's reign. They save Hitler from being killed by a futuristic group known as Justice. In an unfortunate accident gets Mel shot. Strangely, she regenerates into...River Song!

In true River Song form, she goes on a rampage trying to kill the Doctor multiple times before finally poisoning him with a kiss. The Doctor sends Amy and Rory after River while he tries to find a way to cure himself. That's the general gist of the episode, I won't give away anything else because the episode as usual is just that good.

I absolutely love this show, so it goes without saying that this is a great episode. The writers are still fantastic and know exactly how to keep the show interesting even if you think you know what's gonna happen in the end. Half the fun is figuring out how we get to the end, even when the outlook appears bleak. The chemistry we've come to know between River and the Doctor emerges immediately from her regeneration. Definitely watch this episode, but I wouldn't start with this one. Obviously, I recommend the whole series, but that goes without saying.