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BEDA: Day 22- What's happening weather?

So today, the east coast experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. People are worried about aftershock and still eagerly await the all clear. All I want to know is since when did all of America become a natural death zone?

I mean, California has always been a hub for earthquakes, but the east coast? It seems like the most unlikely place to have an event like this. Yet this wasn't like a 1.0 or something, which would scare the crap out of most East Coasters (it's about the strength of a controlled explosion). This was something that apparently was felt by a lot of people. Buildings were evacuated and people started to panic about the aftershocks.

It's not just earthquakes either. It's hurricanes and traumatic thunderstorms, too. Seriously, we're one firestorm away from evoking the full wrath of the elements (not a bad story idea...I'll keep it in mind).

But when did all of this happen? Thunderstorms I can understand, we've always had thunderstorms. Hurricanes are a plausible, especially with all the tropical storms that we get sometimes they'll bring powerful winds that turn nasty. Hurricanes I understand. But earthquakes? I feel like that's something that would be a little more difficult to 'just happen'.

I'm not trying to be insensitive to people, especially if they've been effected by earthquakes. I just want to know when the east coast became a natural disaster zone.

BEDA: Day 21- The search for blog ideas!

If there's one thing that BEDA has made me realize, it's that I don't have as much to talk about as I would like to think. Sometimes I'll just talk about random things, but those never make good blogs. I figured I'd let you guys know the things I blog about that make good posts.

So the first I like to talk about is books I've read and liked. I find it's easier for me to write a review of a book if I enjoy it (or enjoy tearing it apart). I like doing this because I like to see what other people think about books and if we have similar interests it tells me what I should concentrate on writing. (Also, I enjoy encouraging writers I enjoy).

Movies is another big thing that I talk about. Movies are easy to watch and review. Books take a long time to read if you take the time to absorb a book...or if you're busy like me. Movies are also easily relatable because everyone goes to see movies once in a while and always look for recommendation.

I am a writer, so I enjoy writing about writing. I may be nerdy when I talk about words or writing, but I enjoy when I find someone who enjoys writing as much as I do. It's hard to find people who study writing and want to write as their career (especially now when people are so concerned about making money and wanting to be rich). I just find it comforting when I find other people who look forward to living in a box on the side of a road when they're older.

I also talk about a lot of nerdy things. Weird ideas for devices I have, awesome technology I come across in my endless web wandering or nerdy web shows or something like that. I like to inform people of nerdy things I enjoy. Because let's be honest, if you've stuck with me for this long, then you're probably just as nerdy as I am!

What do you like to blog about and how do you find your ideas? Let me know!
So recently, I purchased this book called 'Hipster Puppies'. It's a book based on the best of a tumblr of the same name.

The book is a collection of dogs, disguised as hipsters. Non-perscription glasses, knit caps and hoodies with ties, but on adorable/ridiculous puppies. Then, people add captions to the pictures. Ironically of course. Captions about alcohol, cigarette snobbery, and music so new you haven't even heard of it.

The whole concept is funny enough, even if they weren't dogs. But the book/website is funny because the dogs look really annoyed. It's almost like the realize that they're being mocked. Because that's what happens when you put dogs in costume.

Um...hmm. I don't really have anything else to add. The website isn't very long, so you could easily read a lot at once. It's hysterical and good fora few hours of entertainment or to burn a few minutes between classes.

If you're looking for a cheap laugh at the expense of a few innocent dogs, feel free to have a look at the website: http://hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com/

BEDA: Day 19- Half empty or half full?

Something that never ceases to amaze me is how changing one word can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Not just big words like 'true' or 'false' which can change a sentences meaning entirely. I mean even a different version of the word.

I mean, look at the words 'witch' and 'enchantress', which sounds worse? You said witch right? Yet, arguably, they both mean the same thing: a female who casts spells of some type. There are several other examples like that, but I could spend talking about that.

I don't know, maybe I'm just a huge nerd when it comes to things like this. But it's like Dumbledore says: "Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it."

What I would like to add is that words can have so many different meanings when they stand alone. Words that look or sound alike can have very different meanings in context.

I'm sorry if these have been getting progressively more uninteresting for people who aren't interested in writing. I hope to have more interesting things to talk about as the school year starts up in a few weeks. I'll also be reading more books and starting work on my thesis, so when I get time I'll be more than happy to tell you guys about it.

And for those of you reading this expecting a different blog, I'm an optimist. I'm glad we got that settled (as if it wasn't obvious).

BEDA: Day 18- How to make enemies!

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?

I figured if I couldn't come up with something interesting for today, I'd just do this to make up for it. I'm sure no one wants another rant about the phrasing of fortune cookies.

Television show that keeps getting worse? I'm gonna make a lot of enemies with this post, but I don't care. It needs to be said! We're all getting tired of The Jersey Shore!

That's right, I said it. The Jersey Shore sucks and I'm sure they're aware of it. No one should want to watch a show about a bunch of muscle heads who do nothing but tan and get drunk. I've had the unfortunate experience of watching this show and there is literally nothing redeeming about that show. I tried, honestly, to look for something that I could be interested in, but there was nothing. I see more interesting things on a daily basis on my college campus. The only difference? These idiots get paid to do it! It's ridiculous!

And the worst part is, people don't just watch the show, they obsess with it. A character on the show, Snooki (don't tell me she's a real person), was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutger's College. This may not seem like a big deal, but the same college paid Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison $2,000 less than Snooki's appearance. Morrison, at least, had a story to tell. Snooki? She talked about "her hairstyle, fist pumps, as well as the GTL – gym, tanning, laundry – lifestyle".

Are you kidding me? Watching idiots being idiots counts as solid entertainment these days? And what's worse is that people are actually trying to disassociate themselves with the show. Abercrombie and Fitch offered to pay one of the characters (The Situation) NOT to wear their clothes. That's astonishing. I've been looking for a way to get paid for NOT doing things my entire life!

OK...OK, I think I'm done. That felt good to get off my chest. I just feel like if you're going to watch TV, watch something that isn't taken from reality verbatim. Or at least something more interesting than people being paid for existing. How about a show about people who work at a circus! That's at least got a novelty factor I would watch! They could call it "Circus People"! Actually no, don't take that...I'm gonna pitch that to Oxygen or MTV or something...
So I have been writing a lot recently and I'm curious about other people. So for my fellow writers out there, what do you do when you want to write?

Every writer has their own system of writing. Sometimes it's a vice that's required in order to write (smoking, caffeine, etc.). Other writer's I've talked to are obsessed with certain rituals, making a [insert meal here] and getting set up in certain room. A lot of people I talk to listen to music or need some kind of noise in the background while others need absolute quiet. Capote would write the first draft of any novel horizontally on yellow legal pads and then type them out.

Personally, I write sitting. I like to have some kind of noise on in the background, sometimes music and other times just have the television playing in the background. I either sit on the couch or in this blue arm chair I have in my room. I tend to do a lot of preliminary stuff before actually sitting down to write. I'll often write out characters or a general story lines in a notebook that I keep for that purpose. I also like to draw maps to help me imagine how the world I'm working with looks. (Although, I have been drawing a lot of peninsulas recently...something to work on.)

I actually talk out loud a lot when I'm writing, sometimes to get a feel for the sound of what I'm having my characters say and other times just to see if something sounds like it flows or if it sounds awkward. This is especially embarrassing when other people are in the same vicinity because they'll often hear me talking to myself and shouting random things in my room. Does anyone else have that happen to them more than say...once a week? I feel like that's the standard.

What do you like to do when you write? Do you have a certain routine or a weird habit that you do each time?

BEDA: Day 16- Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Have you ever noticed how there isn't exactly a set form to how these things are supposed to be written? Sometimes they're very old fashioned and mystical. Other times they sound more like they were just written by someone random. Seriously, it's not little differences either. It's pretty extreme. Sometimes they'll be "Look to the water for guidance in your life", but other times it'll be more like "You are very optimistic in life".

And of course, everyone knows the rule about what you have to say with fortunes. Adding the crucial words "...in bed" changes the entire outlook of the fortune. No matter how's it written, they are always a hundred times funnier after adding that.

As someone who doesn't normally eat Chinese food, I find these a million times funnier than I probably should. I love the taste of fortune cookies and certain chinese foods, but generally speaking, I don't eat that kind of stuff.

I guess I'm just rambling again...sorry about that. It's a lot harder to come up with something to talk about every single day. I guess that's enough for now. Until tomorrow, livejournal!
For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you'll remember this from a while ago. For those of you who've never heard of it, here's how it works. You look at the books you've read and pick 10 characters (no more than two from each book). Now imagine you have a house in which these characters are going to live in and answer the questions. This went over well on Facebook, so hopefully it'll get started up here (and for those who already know the game, there are some new questions in there)! So here we go (again)!

Aragorn- Lord of the Rings series
Ford- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series
Tharaman-Thar- Cry of the Icemark
Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock Holmes series
Hermione Granger- Harry Potter series
Katniss Everdeen- Hunger Games series
Alaska Young- Looking for Alaska
Door- Neverwhere
Silas- The Graveyard Book
Reepicheep- Chronicles of Narnia series

There are four rooms. Who's rooming with who?
1) Aragorn, Silas and Sherlock
2) Tharaman-Thar, Reepicheep and Ford
3) Hermione and Alaska
4) Katniss and Door

Who starts the house and who's the last to sign on?
Silas starts it for a home. Alaska joins last.

Who's the father of the group? The Mother?
Aragorn would be the father and the mother might be Hermione.

Who's the closest to normal? Who is the most fantastic?
Alaska is the only normal one. Tharaman-Thar is the most fantastic.

The sink is leaking and no one wants to spring for the plumber. Who's the first to try and fix it and who actually does?
Ford gives it a shot, but Sherlock probably has the actual know how.

The boarders keep losing their stuff. Who's the thief?
It might be Ford. He's curious, though, so it's all in good fun.

There's a noise downstairs, who's going to check it out?
Aragorn goes with Reepicheep

A mysterious figure shows up at the door late one night. Who are they looking for?
Door. It's probably no good.

There's a mess in the kitchen. Who left it there?
Tharaman-Thar or Sherlock

Someone forgets their keys, who is it?
Katniss, but she'll just vault the back wall.

There's a wild party at the house. Who's the host?
Ford...and man is it a party!

Which pair gets along best? (Outside of roommates)
Door and Reepicheep get pretty close.

Which pair can't stand each other?
Sherlock and Ford are at each others throats about what's actually true in this world.

Someone is holding a meeting in the kitchen. Who is it?
Hermione is reliving the old days of Hogwarts and slaying Death Eaters.

Who's the most confusing person to talk to?

Who's job brings the most money to the house?
Sherlock brings in a fair amount, but Aragorn is the king, so...he's got that going for him.

Who's the biggest? The smallest?
Tharaman-Thar is the biggest and Reepicheep is the smallest (but he makes up for in passion).

Who's the one who tries to scare everyone?
Silas. He doesn't have to try hard.

Who's always finding trouble?

Who's the best cook?
Katniss can make a meal of anything.

Who looks after the yard?
Silas is used to it after the graveyard

Who's the early bird?

Who's the night owl?

Who's the one always playing loud music?
Alaska or Ford

Who always wants quiet?

You're visiting the house:
Who do you go to for candy?
Alaska probably has the only normal candy in the house.

Who do you go partying with?

Who are you fighting with?
Reepicheep might fight, but only to prove he can beat me.

You have a boarder crush, who is it?
Door is pretty great.

Who do you avoid the most?
Tharaman-Thar. He's a big, damn snow-leopard!

Who shows you to the door when it's time to leave?
Sherlock Holmes

Who asks you a lot of questions?
Ford, mostly about Earth.

BEDA: Day 15- So it still counts!

I haven't technically fallen asleep yet! As far as I'm concerned this counts for Monday!

I was going to do a blog earlier this evening, but I got caught up in watching movies with friends. They were nostalgic VHS tapes too, so it took even longer to get that working.

This will probably be a really ranting thing. There's something about VHS tapes that remind me of my childhood. A lot of kids today don't know what a VHS is! It was just something so quintessentially 90s that it always reminds me of a simpler time. It's even worse when I'm watching a Disney movie on VHS. Those small glitches that jump onto the screen always become more obvious nowadays to the point that I wonder if there's something wrong with the tape. And then there's the static! There's always a little bit of crackle under the sound of the video when you're watching a VHS, that's just the nature of the beast!

Well, that's honestly a lot more than I expected to write for today considering how late I'm squeezing this in. Tomorrow I plan on redoing a game I played on facebook a few years back called "Border's House" (although in light of the recent economic turn, maybe I should reconsider my name). Basically it's a game about fictional characters living in the same house. Hopefully that'll get some stir going! I'll add some new questions to make the game more interesting for those who've already played. See you tomorrow!

BEDA: Day 13- Where I am in life...

So today I went to a family party (I'm not really sure if there was an occasion, but we all got together for some reason) and one of the big questions was "What have I been up to all summer?"

I feel like I've been doing a lot of things concerning my potential career as a writer. I've been trying to write like crazy all summer (with ups and downs along the way, obviously). My goal has been about 1000 words a day. I obviously didn't always make that goal, but I feel like it was something for me to shoot for and keep consistent in my craft. I always found time to write something though. Some days I would work on a steampunk collaboration story that I'm working on with a friend, others I would work on personal projects (one sci-fi, the other fantasy) and still other days I would spend time doing a stupid blog (how egocentric, right? No one wants to hear about my life). I've also been working on a rough draft of a story I started almost a year ago next month.

This story was started while I was abroad in London and created a lot of itself, so I feel confident in it. I have finished a rough draft, but I sent it out to a handful of readers to read the draft and get feedback (you know who you are). I managed to get one back pretty promptly, but I'm waiting on a few others. I hope to start editing a second draft somewhere around December or January (around my break). After that, I have to start contacting publishing houses and see if anyone is interested.

(On a related note, anyone with experience in these matters can feel free to send me a message with advice or leads. It's a fantasy novel and I feel that it's best for a young adult market, leaning toward a more mature crowd.)

As I roll into my senior year, I have hope that maybe I know what I'm doing. Half of being a good writer is taking the time to actually do the work required for it. If nothing else, my summer has helped me improve my craft.